Who I am

Welcome to my website! My name is Tyler and I build stuff on the internet.

Besides being a full stack web developer and nerd, I ride bikes, fix bikes, surf, look at adorable dog pictures, and watch football and basketball. This little hub highlights all the different parts of my life in a clean and concise fashion.

I built this website as lightweight as possible with minimal design with as little js and css as possible. I tried to remove as much bloat as possible, however, I do use jQuery (and React/Redux for my demo projects).

The Internet is already filled with over the top websites with flashy banners and overdone javascript packages and it sure doesn't need another bandwidth sucking site. Your router thanks you for visiting this website.

Another design question you might wonder is why I chose such a simple white on black color scheme. Well, studies show that people have 26% better retention with a black text on white than the inverse*. It's not that I'm lazy about design. Well not entirely.

This website is a fully static website built on Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages. While I occassionally use api's from other websites, everything else was built by me from scratch.

Thanks for your time!

Tyler D Ross

* Bauer, D., & Cavonius, C., R. (1980). Improving the legibility of visual display units through contrast reversal. In E. Grandjean, E. Vigliani (Eds.), Ergonomic Aspects of Visual Display Terminals (pp. 137-142). London: Taylor & Francis