A Commit A Day Keeps The Doc Away

It’s 2017! Guess it’s time to make some resolutions some of which I’ll never accomplish like all good New Years Resolutioners. However, one resolution I think I totally can resolve is spending an hour a day on personal projects. I think an hour a day (at least) is an excellent way to get my other resolution is to finish and ship all my personal projects.

The first project I’d like to finish is my online tabata timer that integrates with Spotify. I’m making use of material design and react.js to make a beautiful UI/UX that lets users play music along with their work projects without having an annoying beeper remind you to rest. Instead, a change of music moves you to the next session. Ok so I lied a little bit, I won’t be working for a whole hour a day, rather two 25 minute periods with two 5 minute breaks. Still as long as I get the work done and I don’t get distracted I’ll call it a W. I want to finish it in 3 months.

The other project I have steaming is afterHacks which allows users to demonstrate their hacks online and gets github stars or pull requests. This idea isn’t planned out very well. I won’t be devasted if this idea is scrapped even though I spent 5 bucks on a domain name to motivate myself. Whelp, oh well.

Another hour of work I consider is this personal site whether I add a blog post or fix some css or js. There’s lots of little things to do like fixing the JS on the front page (mostly for mobile) and making my contact page a little bit more elaborate. I’d also like to make a elaborate blog page/blog list, including more images and interactive materials. I’m thinking I’ll definitely do quarterly updates.

The last project isn’t really a project but more of a skill building thing. I need to master algorithms and data structures as well as getting C under my belt so I can firmly put it on my resume. It would fun to get into some embedded systems and play with my rasberry pi with some capabilities.

Knowing me, I’ll probably have a few new projects throughout the year, but I want to end 2017 with all of them finished and shipped (again, a resolution).

I’m hoping to keep track of my progress with at least a commit a day to keep the doc away, plus I get to see my github profile fill up with green squares.

Woah this is exciting! Happy New Years!!!

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